I’ve been seeing a lot of things (memes, comics, gifs) floating around the internet concerning the “Friend zone” and the term “Put a ring on it”. People talk about how these terms are “anti-women” or offensive or whatever. They have made up new meanings for these terms than the originally had. Most of these people I’m talking about are women…Talking about terms made up by men… So let me tell you the true definition of each of these terms… “Friend zoned” is not when a girl refuses to go out with a nice guy because she doesn’t like him that way. It is actually when a girl really DOES like that guy, but doesn’t want to get in a relationship because it might not work out and then they might not be friends anymore. It also refers to when a girl “saves” a guy as a backup in case she can’t find anyone better. As a guy who’s generation coined this term, I know that this is the true meaning. Some folks get upset that it kind of makes the women who use it look bad, so they try to redefine it to make men look bad.  On to the term “put a ring on it”. This is actually high praise for a woman. When a guy tells his friend to “Put a ring on it” it means that we think the woman he is with is the best woman for him and he is the best man for her, and that he should make the commitment because he will never find another woman like her and he is incredibly lucky. We don’t tell other guys to “put a ring on it” so that she won’t “escape him” after she finds out something bad about him, we do it to encourage our friends when we know that they found the “one” and they need to stop wasting time. It drives me crazy how people are trying to redefine these terms to make them negative towards women. Just had to put this out there


The related headlines placed directly below the tweet really bring it all home.

I shit you not; I yelled in fear when I scrolled over this


Bottom left line is the best in the movie

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I was thinking today that it would make more sense if secular folks were the group of people often associated with homophobia instead of Religious folks. Hear me out.  Most religions teach the same basic concept of “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Taking that a step further, Jesus died for the sins of all people because he loved EVERYONE.  Anyone who reads the Bible would also know that Jesus (as well as Buddha) spent a lot of time with people who the rest of society shunned (tax collectors, widows, lepers, the disabled, gentiles, etc.). If there was a gay man anywhere in the Gospels, you can bet that Jesus would spent time with him too, and loved him like a brother.  And as Christians we are to try to follow Jesus’ example and love  and affirm everyone. Now this brings me to my other point. All animals, even micro-organisms have a basic urge; the urge to pro-create. To pass on their DNA. Now animals do often take part in homosexual behavior, but it is rare for there to be animal couples of the same gender.  Because of this, it would seem to me that people who believe in Science, would think that homosexual behavior means that something is wrong with a person. I’m not saying that people who believe in science (I do) don’t really believe in science if they affirm gay people, I’m just saying it would make more sense to me if they didn’t while us religious folks did.

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Questionwhen will you finish your "Chuck" screenplay? Answer

Hopefully by the time NerdHQ happens (DONATE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!) I’m working on another screenplay for a indie movie studio (sports film) so I haven’t had as much time to devote to Chuck as I would like. But I haven’t forgotten!


What us your favorite charah moment?

God, I have a lot, but the one where they are in their dream home. And their wedding. and the final scene. so many


this has been the best TV series marathon i’ve ever had! 

  • lmao… Jeffster!
  • Chuck did not just upload the intersect in him… UGH.. 
  • Casey giving Chuck a hug made me smile!! 
  • the beach… “Chuck, kiss me.”

it’s over…. :(

It’s not over. We still pushing for a movie